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New Website !!

Published on Saturday 7th November 2020 (3 years ago)

As I am sure you have noticed, I have a new website!! It's really good to get this online after a really difficult year for many many reasons (far beyond covid 19 for myself & my family unfortunately). However this web site launch marks the beginning of a new chapter for myself & the business, even during these strange and challenging times!

Now its time to mention a very good friend of mine who made this website happen - Mr Matthew Wilcox, to say thank you in your help & advice in getting this website going is the understatement of the decade, let alone the year! So thank you very very much, having this new platform has made the world of difference in ways beyond just progressing my business to the next level, its given focus & support and given me a platform to share my latest work.

I will defo attempt to update my blogs now, as we all know its an interesting time and I want a place on the internet to publish my work, that isn't just social media, a corner of the digital world that *is* mine. I will of course share these things over social media but if you want the latest updates from this end of the world, this is the first place to be! :)