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I get numerous questions of similar nature, so I thought I’d make a wedding FAQ !


About Ben

How do wedding bookings work

Wedding Customers FAQ


About Ben

Q) What do you photograph ?

      A) My main photographic work is weddings, followed by business, events & portraiture work, I do enjoy all genres of photography though & will photo anything of any subject.

Q) What are you about? What’s your mind-set to your work ?

      A) 1 to 1 crafted work – I treat every wedding or photo job as my only project, focus on that alone, figure out the client as much as possible, do the work to the best of my ability, to focus on the end product & the quality of that work. I don’t work as fast as possible to turn client numbers over & I concentrate on delivering work to the client as a 2-way process (they choose their album images for example, I don’t just make a book to get it done). This is a bespoke service, for you – I don’t rapidly mass produce work – I craft work to the best of my ability.

       Q) How long have you been doing photography ?

       A) I started to seriously get into it around 12 years old, started part time photo work about 21, been doing it full time for 5-6 years now (34 at time of writing)


How do wedding bookings work

Q) Were interested in hiring you for a wedding, how do you work & what do you do ?

 A) My approach is simply to do whatever I can possibly do on your wedding day; with no complicated price lists, extras etc. Many photographers will offer things such as ‘bridal prep or 1st dance’ as extras to pay for on wedding packages.

I simply say its £1029 for a full day wedding, you tell me when to start & we finish when you want or the evenings party is long into the night. I don’t see the point on putting artificial limits on the time, you hire me for your wedding day, you got me for the wedding day.

The main way I deliver the images is via my website – you get full res watermark free images – the way it should be in my opinion! If you still use USB drives I can pop that in the post as well – however I use my website as the main delivery method as it’s easy to use, works on any device (including phones/tablets etc) & is future proof – someday in the near future USB drives will be less common place with the advent of cloud computing. The price includes a 24 page A3 wedding book as well so you will have all the digital images & a physical book full of your chosen memories – the only additional costs involved are if you want to add more pages to the book, £3 per page pair.

Q) If we hired you for our wedding, how does it work? What do we do? How do we get our images?

A) The complete start to end process of a full day wedding booking with me is as follows:

  1. You hire me for the wedding day, a £200 deposit is required (taken from the total)
  2. We meet for coffee & discuss your wedding day in detail, the plan, your wishes etc
  3. Wedding day !! I start when you tell me, we have no strict finish times, I will be busy capturing as many memories as I possibly can
  4. A small selection of the days photos will appear on my Facebook page within a couple of weeks (great for profile pics etc)
  5. The images are all edited & crafted individually by me – the processing time varies considerably with how many bookings I have – I do everything myself start to finish.
  6. You then have all your images to access via my website (you get a log in passcode so the images remain private to only you.)
  7. Via my website you choose the images you would like in your wedding book, simply tick the ones you want & add them to the set of images for the book.
  8. I design the book following your images
  9. You get a digital preview of the book – to make sure its all ok and you like it :)
  10. Once you give the ok, the book goes to print, you get your wedding album!! :) This completes the booking – you end up with all the edited full res photos digitally & also your physical book.

Q) You also do videography? How does that work ?

A) Same as photos! :) Except you get your video online (with private access code) & then I send out a bluray instead of a book (DVD available on request)

Q) What exactly will I receive once my booking is complete?

A) Your full set of wedding photos + ~A3 24 page wedding book

Wedding Customers FAQ

Q) How do I choose my photos/images on your website for the book?

A) Just log in – Press ‘select photos’ – then tick the ones you like then press ‘add to favourites’ – it will then ask you to name your favourites set – I would recommend calling that set ‘book’. A favourites set is basically the same as an album on Facebook – it lets you add images to that set/album from the main ‘master album’ I send you.

You can make as many ‘favourite sets’ (think similar to Facebook albums) as you like in your account also !! :) – perhaps you want a set of images for your mates, but different images for your parents/family, all options are available!

Q) Does my free wedding book expire ?

A) No never ! Take as long as you like to choose the images for the book. I’ve had some customers choose within a couple of months of receiving their images, some have taken as long as 2+ years after their wedding – I’m not fussed, I always keep a backup of your wedding so can create the book when you have finished choosing.

Q) Can you further edit images after you have finished editing my wedding photos ?

A) Before delivering the photos to my customers, I select the optimum light, colour levels and crop, where I feel necessary (amongst other editing variables). This works in conjunction with the original photography I took – so you’re getting the best possible photos in my professional opinion. I always shoot the wedding to tell a story of your day & my style is shown in my example wedding albums. However, while rare, I am happy to further edit a handful of photo’s to suit your requirements, if you wish to edit a greater number - additional charges may apply.

Q) If you do everything yourself, how long does it take to edit & get our photos/video & books after the wedding?

 A) As long as it takes ! :) On average a couple of months (more during peak periods) – you get all the viable photos I take at the wedding in full, the primary delivery method is digital images via my website.

      I work on my bookings in chronological order, or for books - when I receive the client’s choices – I add that to the book creation queue. At peak times your        weddings editing may join a work queue (if I got several wedding bookings in a week for example)

      As my primary delivery method of the images is via my website, editing my photos to get them in the customers hands is my top priority, the books then            follow in time, once chosen by you & they are created, printed/binded.

      There is usually a minor lead time on the books, as I slot creating a book in between each wedding I edit – and your book might be in a queue of several         others – thank you for your understanding, I love creating your photos & books for each wedding, but I do everything myself so you are assured it’s to the       standards you would expect.

      Of course if you send me your book choices during a quiet period, its likely there will also be a relatively rapid turn around! :)