Ben Walker Photography & Videography | About

16 years ago I left Staffordshire, where I grew up and had been working in various jobs and studying hard at school/college since I was knee high to a grass hopper. At 21 I got into my car with all my possessions and headed west to North Wales to go to Bangor University. After gaining two degrees in Ocean Science BSc and Computing & Internet Systems MSc; I found that living by the sea for the rest of my life wouldn't be a bad option. I was spending all my time taking millions of photographs. Well over a decade ago at university I helped to setup and run the Bangor University photography society while continuing to explore the world of photography for myself. I have been lucky enough to work at a number of great events such as BBC radio 1 big weekend, various leading music festivals, as well as hundreds of events in various places in North Wales & nationally. I was also lucky enough to be invited to work with the ever growing Pontio project in Bangor, and have taken thousands of photos on their behalf.

However my main passion is photographing people & their very special wedding days. I set up my own photography business several years ago & since that day I've been lucky to photograph all over the UK and the world and my sole income is now from photography.

I say I’m a people photographer because that’s what I think I am, it just so happens that those people that I photograph are mostly at weddings, or events (portrait shoots, christenings, birthdays, etc).

We are all different, we all have our own unique personalities and it’s my sole aim to reflect those people, with their individual personalities in my pictures, & at the same time provide them with something a bit different, that stands out from the masses and shows the fun and emotion of your photos. For example I want the viewer of your wedding photographs to feel like they were part of the wedding, even if they were not there. I want them to feel that they can reach out and feel in touch with you.

I still live in North Wales but work nationally, I also have a base in Staffordshire that I use for meetings and a place to stay/see family, as well as situating me right in the middle of the country between Manchester and Birmingham.

I feel that working in multiple genres of photography helps me improve my main work of wedding photography - simply that I have taken many more photos in many different lighting conditions and thus have crafted my art from a wider range of experience - giving me the confidence and ability to get your wedding photos right 1st time, every time.